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Lunch Program

SMS Hotlunch Program 

    Seminole Mennonite School has a hot-lunch program that offers our students a home cooked meal Monday through Thursday. Friday’s students will have to pack a lunch. If you drop off their lunch, please drop it off in the cafeteria with the child’s name on it.


    The SMS hot lunch is a program that is run by volunteers, the volunteers are put into groups that will come and cook a hot lunch for the students once a month. We have an assigned leader of every group. We also have one SMS staff member who is our lunch manager. She will be in the cafeteria every day overseeing the Daily running’s of the lunch program.

We also have a hot lunch committee who oversees any changes that need to be made or equipment that needs to be replaced and so on. We feel that this program is a wonderful way to participate in your child/children’s school life, it gives you a chance to see how your child interacts with their teacher and classmates, the program has been a great example of what it means to serve others.


Responsibilities of a SMS hot-lunch volunteer.
You are expected to come once a month.

You are expected to participate in lunch with Mom & Dad once every other year.
If you are unable to come on your cooking day. You are expected to find a replacement for yourself and to notify the leader of your group.
You must dress in proper clothing. Remember you are an example to those that you serve.


We have a room available if you have young children that you need to bring. We just ask that you keep them in this area. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. 

Office number is 432-758-1151


    For more information on volunteering or are interested in volunteering in the Hotlunch Program, contact us at 432-758-1151 or email

Hotlunch Program
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