School Menu

Lunch Schedules:

11:25-11:55      Kindergarten - 3rd Grade 

12:00-12:30    4th - 6th Grade

12:35-1:05      7th - 12th Grade

Menu: September

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Lunch with Mom & Dad
September 21st 

Please, sign up by September 19th

1st- Bean & Cheese Burritos
6th- Taquitos
7th- Lonches
8th- Kielge
12th- Deluxe Nachos
13th- Wrenakje
14th- Pulled Pork Sandwiches
15th- Pizza
19th Fried Burritos
20th- Enchiladas
21st- Cheeseburgers: Lunch w/ Mom & Dad
22nd- BBQ Chicken
26th- Bistec Ranchero
27th- Chicken Alfredo
28th- Porkchops
29th- Fajitas