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Mission Statement



We believe in a foundation built on Jesus Christ and the hope that He brings to this world. Our faith is the heart of our educational system and pulses through every facet of our school. We believe that faith is at the core of every student and by nurturing it, we can help them to become not only excellent students, but successful and loving individuals as well.


We strive to create an environment that will inspire students and parents alike to become citizens of a strong and virtuous community focused on their complete academic development. Through both spiritual and classical education, we strive to join with parents in a vital partnership that will encourage students to play an important role in their own educational process.


We work with parents and students to uncover hidden potential and inspire them to become more than they ever thought possible. Quality educators will work with students to develop their desire and expand their capacity for learning. Using proven methods, we will encourage students to dream big while giving them the tools to plan their path to achieving those dreams.


We encourage the power of community through the strength of the individual. Each student is created with unique talents and gifts. While we aim for growth as a whole, each individual part contributes to the success of the community. We strive to identify and develop those strengths, not to set them apart, but to help them see how being a unique creation makes them vitally important to the entire community.

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