Re-Enrollment Schedule

Re-enrollment March 7th-11th
This year we are doing registration differently; we have scheduled families to come in on certain days. Please see the schedule below. 

Monday, March 7th:
    Banman, Bergen, DeLeon, Doerksen, Dueck, Dyck, Elias, Enns, Fehr, and Froese

Tuesday, March 8th:
    Friesen, Giesbrecht, Guenther, Hamm, Harms, Heide, Heinrichs, and Hiebert 

Wednesday, March 9th:
    King, Klassen, Knelsen, Krahn, Letkeman, Loepky, Loewen, Martens, Medina, and Miller

Thursday, March 10th:
    Neufeld, Penner, and Peters

Friday, March 11th:
    Reddecop, Reimer, Rempel, Sawatzky, Teichroeb, Thiessen, Unger, Wall, and Wiebe

*Please note that all past due accounts of 30 days or more need to be paid to register.